Sunday, October 17, 2010

Olympos - Seker Bayrum

Seker Bayrum - Bring it on!
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This was my first trip away from Ankara, and it was perfect. I had only lived here a few short weeks, and then I spent a mere 12 hours on three different buses that took me down the Mediterranean. Totally worth it!
I went with about 9 other teachers/friends, and we had a blast - dancing the night away in an open air bar, sleeping in a tree house, taking a day long cruise sightseeing and dancing on the boat.


Can't wait to go back to Kapadokya!
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This was an amazing, fun and fact filled weekend with other new teachers. Two of my friends in this photo are standing on a salt lake - in the winter it fills with water, but in the summer, all the water evaporates and all that is left is TONS of salt. The salt lake was a stop on our way to Kapadokya - which is about 4 1/2 hours by bus away from Ankara. In Kapadokya, we stayed in cave rooms (still somewhat questionable as to whether they are actually made out of natural caves) and during Saturday and Sunday, we went to an Open-air Outdoor Museum, a Turkish carpet maker company, an Underground City, and we hiked through Imagination Valley and the Fairy Chimneys. Enjoy!